Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Im having major issues with this web page, it keeps opening over and over again, is anyone else having this problem after being on here? it says #rpctoken=-588714218338933043 after my blog address. I assume its a virus but my scanner comes up with nothing. Can anyone help?


Emma said...

Hi Sarah
I was having the same problem a short while ago...was advised to download internet explorer 8 and touch wood its stopped it.
Emma x

Jo Austin said...

I had this too.. downloaded IE8 and it still did it.. so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox (like IE) and it is working soooooo much better!!

I just wish I'd dumped IE before now. this is just brill.. loads alot quicker than IE too!

Love Jo x

Kitty Kats Krafts said...

Hi Sarah

I did the same as Emma and again touch wood it had not happen since.

Fingers crossed as it is soooooooooo annoying!

Sam x