Sunday, 12 June 2011

More Wedding Makes

Back to work on Monday so trying to get as much done as possible this week, although its difficult sitting for too long at my craft desk, don't know how I'm gonna do 10 hours a day at my work desk!

I have made the thank you cards for our 3 Ushers and Best Man. They are all made the same, I printed an image i found online out on some white card and used MS Picture It Publishing (my fave programme for pic editing, so glad i found the disc and loaded it onto my laptop as sadly my PC has all but died, very tricky as its such an old version but I got there in the end!) and then paperpieced the waistcoat with black pearlescent card, and added pearls for buttons coloured black with Copics, easy peasy!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Any Bakers/Cake Makers Reading?

Today I made cakepops for the first time, the first batch didn't work, I put too much frosting in the mixture and they slid down the sticks. The second lot however worked but I coated them in white chocolate which melts too quickly when they are stored out of the fridge.

So my question is: Is there anything that i can do to stop the white chocolate melting so quickly (after they are made not during) or is there something else i can use (i want them to be white/cream in colour)

Thanks x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm Getting Married!

Its been ages since I last blogged! My job takes up soooo much of my time now i don't get a chance to make anything so all my lovely craft goodies are sadly neglected.

I have however had a chance to make my own wedding invites!!! Yay I'm getting married this September to my amazing fiance who proposed last September while we were on holiday

I have made over 40 of these cards for my invites, I didn't take a picture of the insides though, but they have a pocket with info cards inside.

I'm off work at the moment with Sciatica, it came out of nowhere and is the most painful thing I have ever known! arggh! I cant even sit and craft as it hurts to sit down! x