Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Any Bakers/Cake Makers Reading?

Today I made cakepops for the first time, the first batch didn't work, I put too much frosting in the mixture and they slid down the sticks. The second lot however worked but I coated them in white chocolate which melts too quickly when they are stored out of the fridge.

So my question is: Is there anything that i can do to stop the white chocolate melting so quickly (after they are made not during) or is there something else i can use (i want them to be white/cream in colour)

Thanks x


Nina said...


Tab said...

Hi Sarah, they look fab! The other thing that you can use for this are Candy Melts, you can get them online at cake decorating supplers or I have seen them in Hobbycraft too, and basically they are like chocolate but they melt perfectly and lets you coat things like cakepops or you can use them in moulds for making sweets etc etc. They come in a varity of colours and I one of them is white or you can colour them yourself.
I have used them before and they are fab!

Hope this helps and you get sorted :o)
Hugs Tab xxx

Caroline said...

Hi Sarah,
These look fab and I would love to know how you made them. I am always looking for new things to try and they look delicious.
Caroline x

Beth said...

Ooh yummy! Like tab I was going to say Candy Melts xx

Adelle said...
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MissDinTexas said...

I bake and make a lot of candy. When you go to the grocery store go down the baking isle and look for the canning items there is a box of wax that is a secret ingredient to all candy makers in a bind. Its Gulf Wax, a refined paraffin. Just add a couple of inch blocks to your chocolate and voila no more runs.Hopes this helps.