Thursday, 20 November 2008

Quick Cuttlebug Cards

I've not been doing much crafting at the moment, I split up with my boyfriend this week so I've not been in the mood to craft much, although at least I'll have more spare time to craft now, see there's a bright side to most things! A bloke asked me out for a drink while I was doing my food shopping in Tesco the week before, I was so shocked! Im thinking now that I should have said yes! Hahaha.

I thought I'd share with you a set of very quick thank you cards which I made quite a while ago, they are very plain and simple, which as you have seen is not usually my style!
They were made just by embossing the top 2/3 of the card with the embossing folders, scoring 2 lines to fit the ribbon and sentiment in, then embossing the bottom 1/3. The sentiments are stamped in a colour that matches the ribbons. I cut a slit each side of the sentiment then threaded the ribbon underneath it, wrapped the ribbon around the card and tied it in a bow.


♦-♦-Elaine-♦-♦ said...

These are gorgeous Sarah... so elegant and beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your split :( but had to laugh at the bloke in tesco!!! if only he d asked this week instead lol :)

Elaine x

Vicky said...

Great thank you cards Sarah, very handy for after christmas! Simple but stunning designs!
Sorry to hear about your breakup, but keep your chin up. Lot's of time for crafting and when the time is right I'm sure there'll be a que of men at your door (or at Tesco's Lol)!
Big Hugs, Vicky x

Faerielore said...

Hi sarah darling so sorry to her about your split with your boyfriend but like you said the upside is extra crafting time yay :) these cards are beautiful, very elegent xxxx

Lyndsey Marie said...

Fab cards Sarah, simple but stunning. Sorry to hear about your breakup hope it was amicable and that your ok. Like you said on the plus side you can craft till your hearts content. I am sure by looking at your pic on your blog you wont be single for long if you dont want to be. Chin up
Lyndsey xx
PS you can have my hubby if you like I will rent him out cheap lol!!!!!!

Neve38 said...

Hi Sarah,

I love all of your cards so if I visit often it's because I am after inspiration lol.

Sorry to hear about your split, things happen for a reason and there is probably someone 100% for you just around the corner.

Joy xx

Lesley said...

Very elegant cards Sarah - sorry about your break-up :( I hope you are feeling better soon xx

Mar G said...

Beautiful cards :) so simple yet stunning!
Aw sorry to read about you splitting with your boyfriend....Lol at your Tesco pulling power ;)
Keep smiling & yeah just think of all the extra crafting time you'll have now!
Take Care - Mar xoxox

gina g said...

these are fab Sarah stylish.

sorry about your split with your boyfriend,take care. gina xx

Debbie said...

cars Sarah, so simple but so effective and beautiful. Debbie x

Lana said...

Sarah these cards are so fresh and crisp looking!
I have sent you an email and have something for you on my blog!
Lana x

Sarita said...

I love these cards Sarah-so elegant. Hope things work out for you soon,

Love Sarita xx

Helen said...

Gorgeous cards Sarah!
Sorry to hear about your break-up...there's a little something for you overe on my blog, that might cheer you up a little...
Helen x

Pauline C said...

Fab card Sarah - stylish and very effective. Sorry to hear about your split but glad to see you can try to look on the bright side LOL! Take care
Pauline x

Nessie said...

Stunning cards Sarah.

Sorry to hear your sad news, sending you big hugs x

Rica said...

Beautiful cards, simple and elegant.
Sorry about your split up - but every end is a new beginning!
hugs Heather xx

CraftyC said...

Beautiful cards Sarah, very elegent. Sorry to hear you've broke up with your boyfriend, enjoy being young, free and single for a while, or pop into Tesco a bit more often (lol)

joey said...

Hi Sarah, these are stunning and so gorgeous.x