Monday, 2 February 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

What a lot of snow we've had! I'm working from home today as I couldn't get in to work today. In England we get a bit of snow and the country goes into melt down! Here is the view from my window at 8am this morning, its still snowing hard now! Its probably normal to some of you but its not snowed like this here for 20 years!
Hope you're all snuggly and warm and are enjoying the snow if you have it.


bieke said...

Hi Sarah,

What a nice view ....we have also snow today ... but not that much ...

greetings from Belgium

weewiccababe said...

Hiya, I must admit I have to hide a smug little smile when I hear about England getting snow - we're used to it up in the North East of Scotland, but we managed to escape it this time. I spent a winter in Lincs when I was 17/18 and there was a ducting of snow, the public transport wasn't running and we weren't allowed to go off base in case we didn't get back lol

Vicky said...

Weather no good here in Leeds either. Had about 10 inches of snow but still had to go to work. I go out and visit patients in their own homes so we had to cancel most of our visits and just do the essentials! Wish it would hurry up and melt! :-)
Hugs, Vicky x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Sarah, I wonder if you could help me. Could you tell me how to keep my blog candy post at the top of my blog. I have tried changing my date but the it wont publish.
Thanks in advance
Lyndsey xx
We have had loads of snow here as well, my son was very upset today as his school was the only one in our area open. They didnt even let them go early, but they do now have tomorrow off and poss Wed.

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the info. Think I have got it to work now.
Lyndsey xx

Mar G said...

Lovely snowy view Sarah....We've got snow too but in Scotland we are well used to it! (Lol)

torre said...

I want SNOW! Not the dusting we get here in Alabama! It' beautiful! Hope you are staying warm.

Sabsku said...

Just have to make a comment.. about snow.. :)
Check out the link, it's a picture from my garden, November 2008, we got about 50cm of snow in 24H.
Here is the picture
Yes OK, I'm used to snow. Maybe not that much at one time, at the moment we have 15cm of snow.

Warm hugs from Finland!